The objects of the charity are:

To advance education for the public benefit in Pakistan among women from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds through the provision of basic literacy and sewing skills training with the aim of improving their employability, standard of living and life chances”.

What we do:

We raise awareness amongst oppressed women about their rights in society.

We conduct seminars and workshops to educate women about health issues and healthy lifestyles.

We train disadvantaged women in tailoring skills (cutting, stitching, dress-making) to enable them to secure employment in garment industies or to set up their own micro business.

Through education and training we hope to improve social and economic development and life chances for a better quality of life in a more equal society (women from poor backgrounds often lack vocational skills due to illiteracy).

How you can help:

If you would like to make a donation, please send your cheque, payable to “Life Skill Project International”, to Life Skill Project International, 1 Dovedale Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8NA, United Kingdom.

About the charity:

We are a non-government and non-profit organisation committed to empowering the oppressed community in Pakistan, particularly deprived women. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and registered charity 1190482, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Who we are:

We are led by a Trustee Board, comprising the following Trustees:

  • Rev Jacqueline Bullen
  • Rev Neil Bullen
  • Mr Stephen Gamble
  • Mrs Suzanne Gamble
  • Mr Javed Inayat
  • Ven Javaid Iqbal
  • Mrs Mussarat Iqbal (Founder and Chair)
  • Mrs Sheila Langley
  • Mr George Masih
  • Mrs Riffat Zamurad

Our 2021 Annual Report:

Mrs Mussarat Iqbal writes:

I come from a big family and am one of five sisters. As I was growing up in Pakistan, I was privileged to experience the love and care same as my brother because boys and girls were given equal love and opportunities by my parents. Thanks to my parents I received education and the support to be successful. I observed that boys were given comparatively more importance and opportunities, particularly in villages where girls are not able to attend schools.

I saw and heard in my parent’s conversations, how girls were being mistreated emotionally, physically and sexually. Those thoughts stuck in my mind and I promised myself whenever God gives me a chance I would like to help those disadvantaged girls so that they can at least have access to basic education and skills to enable them to have a better life in a male-dominated Society.

As my father always wanted to help those girls to have some respect in society. When my dad passed away, I shared my burden with my husband and family who willingly supported me, so I founded Life Skill Project (LSPI) in 2009.

It has been an amazing and satisfying journey. I have now through the work of LSPI seen some of those girls find their rightful place in their families and society. My heart is full of gratitude for all those who have helped from the beginning to this stage particularly all the trustees who have given themselves wholeheartedly to this worthwhile charity work”.

Venerable Javaid Iqbal writes:

My wife Mussarat and I grow up in Pakistan, where we saw first-hand the plight of the poor and particularly of the girls and young women. It was Mussarat’s vision and dream to help those disadvantaged girls who have no access to education or vocational training. As marginalised groups of the society, they often receive discrimination and abuse at the hands of the powerful in the society.  We felt obliged to do something so Like Skill Project is a small way of helping those young women find a skill and basic education so that they may find their voice, worth and a respectable place in society. Hope you can partner with us in this worthwhile charitable work to build a just and fair society, where all are respected and valued”.

Mrs Riffat Javed and Mr Javed Inayat write:

Poor and disadvantaged women benefit under this project by being taught useful sewing skills. During training, these women learn and develop skills in making shirts, trousers, skirts and school uniforms. After they have completed training, they can have a fresh start in self-employment from their home, to get a daily income, to buy day to day necessities we should all have. LSPI also provides these women with basic education. We are honoured to be a part of Life Skill Project International.


Telephone: 00 44 (0) 7782 169987

Telephone: 00 44 (0) 7429 589780

Email: hello@lifeskillprojectinternational.org

Postal address: Life Skill Project International, 1 Dovedale Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8NA, United Kingdom.